SailTimer Wind Instrument


Still available for a limited time.


Solar-powered and wireless.  Product Summary and Features.


Includes:  Wind Instrument, short instruction sheet, marine-grade stainless steel 9″ (23 cm) Mounting Rod, four 3/4-inch #8 stainless steel screws, and four pairs of stainless #8 machine screws (3/4-inch) & lock nuts.  Comes with a full battery so you can start using it right away.

Accessories:  special mounting brackets and Air Link for NMEA wiring.


Discount:  Factory seconds $239.

NEW for 2019:  SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™ with Replaceable Battery. $550.  Preorder here.


A receipt is emailed to you a few seconds after submitting your purchase.  Prices are shown in US dollars, but your credit card provider will convert to the same value if you use a different currency.  Payment can be made by major credit cards or Paypal.

A FedEx tracking number is emailed to you when the package is sent.  There is still time for Christmas delivery.  Orders ship in 2-3 days.  

We deliver to all countries.  The rates for different countries are on the panel where you enter your address.  Duty-Free Zones:  (1) SailTimer products are made in USA and Canada, so there is no customs duty for deliveries in North America.  (2) Since our shipping office is in Canada, under the 2017 CETA free-trade agreement, shipments are also duty-free all European countries (including Britain while still part of EU).  (3) We also have free trade under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) starting in 2019, with duty-free shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, and Japan (and other countries that are likely to ratify the CPTPP soon including Chile and Vietnam).

There are two components to this price: the Wind Instrument hardware ($150) and cloud services ($200) for the Wind Instrument (both required).  This way, for orders outside North America & EU, any customs duty, tax and fees are only on the package that gets delivered.  $150 is the value on the customs documents on the package.  Another way we are lowering costs.

Bonus:  If you share the love with a review in the app store or online once you start using your new Wind Instrument, send a quick email and we’ll provide a refund to give you free shipping. (Up to $25, within a month after your package arrives).

We always try to ship with FedEx for speed, and have lower prices than airmail that way because of our volumes. But we have to send by airmail if you use a post box.

By ordering, you confirm that you agree with our fascinating License Agreement.  We are sailors too, and stand behind our products with a good warranty.

Additional information

Weight 1.54 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 7 in

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