SailTimer Wind Instrument™ Features

●  Wireless:  no wires to install down the mast.  Less noise and weight aloft.
●  Solar-powered renewable energy; can run day & night indefinitely.
●  The first wind cups designed for sailboats; the innovative blade shape maintains equal accuracy when sailing heeled over (unlike standard cup, ultrasonic and propeller anemometers).
●  Submersible.
●  Advanced features, low price: order online for $350 with immediate delivery.
●  The first masthead anemometer with a digital compass right in the wind direction arrow.
●  That means you even get wind direction while docked or swinging at anchor, when GPS heading is not available.
●  With new features in app updates on iOS & Android, the Wind Instrument actually becomes more useful over time.
●  Off-switch for storage.
●  SailTimer made the first masthead anemometer that transmitted to tablets/smartphones, and this is the newest version.
●  As Wikipedia notes, Bluetooth Low Energy has an official transmission distance of >330 feet (>100m).  The Wind Instrument gets less than this because the electronics are encapsulated, but still more than enough for keelboats with a mast that can fit under a standard 65-foot (20m) bridge.
●  The first masthead anemometer that works with rotating masts.
●  Simple set-up:  calibration to the bow of your boat is not required.
●  Provides a visual indicator of wind direction and wind angle, better than ultrasonic sensors that have no wind direction arrow.
●  For sailboats of all sizes:  keelboats, bluewater catamaranscenterboard sailing dinghies and even small multihulls (no 12-volt battery required).
●  Small vertical design compared to the common horizontal structure, to prevent damage from large seabirds (and prevent bird droppings onto the boat below — major advantage!).  Handheld size comparison.
●  Better lightning protection with thermoplastic base and no wires coming down from the top of the mast.
●  Masthead mount or portable with an L-bracket for walls/posts and adapter for 1/4″ tripod / Gorillapod / GoPro mount.
●  Battery uses advanced design for unusually wide temperature range from tropical heat down to -40 degrees (C/F).
●  Designed to work with third-party apps and hardware using the industry-standard NMEA 0183 format.
●  Air Link accessory for plugging in to on-board wired marine electronics.
●  Wind direction equally sensitive all the way around;  no dead band at the end of the rotation as in wind direction sensors with potentiometers.
●  Transmits every second.
●  The first masthead anemometer with crowdsourcing of live wind maps.
●  Even if your boat is already in the water, you can raise the Wind Instrument without having to lower or climb the mast.  Another first!

If you have a wired anemometer and want to connect to apps and
the cloud — or you want to connect your SailTimer Wind Instrument
to wired devices — you need the SailTimer Air Link™.

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