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The SailTimerâ„¢ product line of innovative navigation technology has evolved for over a decade, with innovative capabilities that have led the industry.  Our goal is to make THE best products, with better functions for sailors at lower prices.  Setting new standards.  The product family has included The Sailing GPS™, the SailTimer™ mobile app, SailTimer for Windows, SailTimer for Google Maps, the SailTimer Wind Vane™, the SailTimer Mini-Server™, and the wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™.

We are sailors too. We put just as much craftsmanship into our software and electronics as when building the wooden dinghy above by hand.

Attention to detail... You don't want to take any shortcuts when you will be at the mercy of the elements. The products we manufacture have the best possible quality, and are built to last. We take pride in making something durable and innovative, and we stand behind it. Your success is our success.

No-Questions-Asked Return Policy:  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase or pre-order of the Wind Instrument or Mini-Server, just return the unit in original condition or cancel a pre-order within 14 days for a full refund.  (Within 14 days of the original product being received or the original pre-order, whichever is earliest.)  There is no restocking fee.  For cancelling pre-orders, we order parts and incur manufacturing, equipment and labor costs based on your order.  So beyond 14 days, like many retailers, we offer a full store credit, exchange or gift certificate.

Warranty in plain language:  We guarantee that the Wind Instrument or Mini-Server is free from defects in manufacturing and assembly for one year from when it is shipped to you.

If any such defect is found, please email Customer Service at the Contact link below.  We will verify the problem and provide a replacement part, or a shipping address so that you can exchange your unit for a replacement. In no case shall SailTimer Inc. be liable for more than the original purchase price of the product.  These terms may change without notice.

The color of the 2012 blue wind cups may fade in the sun over time, although this is a cosmetic issue that does not affect their performance and is not a manufacturing defect.  We are striving to provide the best-quality materials in the wind cups, which are designed to give you a cost-effective product that can operate outside year-round.  The color in the newer black wind cups does not fade.  As a courtesy, we can provide the black wind cups as a free upgrade for customers who have the blue cups if you cover the shipping.

The coating on the tail of the 3rd-generation Wind Instrument can take on an amber tint in strong sunlight over time.  There is just a very thin film over the solar panels, which are primarily made of crystal-clear epoxy.  So an amber tint does not affect the solar charging and is not a warranty issue.

If you have the 2015 Wind Instrument without an off-switch, you can leave it outside year-round or in a window to get sunlight.  Storing it inside or in the dark for weeks or months with insufficient charging is out of our control as the manufacturer, and could damage the battery.  On any Wind Instrument, battery care and solar charging is out of our control as the manufacturer, and is not covered by the warranty.  In normal ongoing operation, the Wind Instrument can generate more power than it consumes.  For a flat battery, building up voltage takes far more power. In that case you should use the blue cap if you have the version with an off-switch, and lay the unit down with the solar panel facing the sun.  But you can monitor battery levels proactively using the battery gauge in the API. 

The thinner Wind Instrument design introduced in 2016 has a blue cap on the tail that is used to trigger the off-switch.  That allows you to put the Wind Instrument in storage for the winter. It still functions in temperatures below freezing, and can be used to monitor storms in the off-season.  However, if used in freezing temperatures, occasionally a circuit board will bend slightly in the bottom part of the tail, until the temperature warms up again.  For many years of happy operation, we recommend storing the Wind Instrument above freezing in the winter if possible. This infrequent effect is avoidable, so is not part of the warranty.  The tail has intentionally been designed to be as thin and light as possible. 

The Wind Instrument contains a digital compass for wind direction.  It cannot be magnetized, although other metal parts in the Wind Instrument could be. The digital compass is an amazingly sensitive micro-sensor, and gives the most accurate wind direction when kept away from magnets, speakers, electric motors and other magnetic fields. The casing on the battery in the tail is steel, so should be kept at least 3 cm away from loose wind cups (which have a magnet in the flange) and the magnet in the blue cap for the off-switch.  The company has no control over this, so magnetization issues are not within the scope of the warranty.  Putting the Wind Instrument in a carry-on bag and sending it through an X-ray at airport security is not covered by warranty, since it may also stop the digital compass from working correctly.  However, if small adjustments are needed, a simple solution in iOS is to use the Compass Quadrant Adjustment in the API to fine-tune directions in the digital compass.

Sawing, cutting, or otherwise opening the case, hardware or electronics in the SailTimer Wind Instrument, the SailTimer Mini-Server or other SailTimer products voids the warranty and warranty service.  We may not be able to diagnose any problems if a customer alters or cuts open the product, or damages the delicate electronics when doing so (e.g., from force, improper effects on firmware, or electro-static discharge).  Please simply use the customer service email to discuss any technical support or warranty service.

The electronics in the Mini-Server are designed to be sealed so they are durable and waterproof. The only metal parts exposed are in the green wiring connector terminals. However, if you need the Mini-Server to be submersible, you would want to caulk over the seams and openings on the green wiring terminals.  How you do that is out of our control though, so the Mini-Server is not guaranteed against water damage -- although obviously we tried to protect it as much as possible by sealing it in solid plastic.

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