Factory Seconds

Extra value:  These factory seconds still have all of the SailTimer™ craftsmanship, precision and innovation, but occasionally there is a minor cosmetic flaw during the molding process.  The full warranty & return policy is in place, but you get a reduced price.  Plus there is no waiting list;  these have next-day shipping.

Your receipt is emailed to you a few seconds after submitting your purchase.  Prices are shown in US dollars. 

We ship to all countries.  The rates for different countries are on the panel where you enter your address.  There is no duty for orders in USA or Canada.

We always try to ship with FedEx for speed, and have lower prices than airmail that way because of our volumes. But we have to send by airmail if you use a post box.  FedEx usually gets a signature for high-value deliveries, but not if you just order a small accessory.  So please feel free to email if you are ordering an accessory to a location where you need the security of a signature on delivery.

All packages have tracking and insurance.  When your package ships, a tracking number is emailed to you.  Delivery typically takes 2-3 days.

SailTimer Wind Instrument

SailTimer Wind Instrument™ factory seconds.  $315.  Add to Cart | Checkout

Small boat version (shorter transmission distance in the range of 40 feet/13 meters) - SailTimer Wind Instrument™.  $262.50.  Add to Cart | Checkout

SailTimer Mini-Server

SailTimer Mini-Server™ factory seconds.  $259.  Add to Cart | Checkout

Home/boathouse version of SailTimer Mini-Server™.  Bluetooth and wifi, but no NMEA wiring.  $249.  Add to Cart | Checkout

Package deal for extra value:  SailTimer Wind Instrument™ and Mini-Server factory seconds bundle.  $560.  Add to Cart | Checkout

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